Staff training in the training center "TRIUMPH"

The Academy of business practice "TRIUMPH" was founded to develop practical skills of employees in spheres of sales, customer service, negotiations, presentations, personnel management, management, marketing and leadership. The Corporate Training Centre "TRIUMPH" prepares rofessionals both for large companies and holdings and for small organizations.
In teaching our training company makes an emphasis on the practice of applying gained knowledge. Learning process concludes 30% of obtaining new knowledge and 70% of practical tasks fulfillment. Not all Moscow training centers provide training based on this principle, being carried away with theory, and it reflects in the results and further mistakes.
The Academy of business practices (Training Centre) "TRIUMPH" enters the top of 10 training companies in terms of customer satisfaction according to the rating "MottonPik" /
The educational and training centre specializes in holding corporate business trainings. Programs of corporate business trainings are being developed by training experts specially for a certain companies and for their specific business objectives.
The training company "TRIUMPH" is headed by Solovyov Igor Viktorovich, Ph.D., a business coach.


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Our business training center has only experienced specialists among its staff. Not all Moscow training companies can brag about such qualified personnel. Trainings are always presided by well-known business coaches and business consultants with deep knowledge and practical experience of working in business for 12 - 15 years.

Business trainings

Our training center, as well as other best training companies represented in the ranking of the capital and St. Petersburg (MottonPik), conducts corporate training in most crucial issues. The most relevant business trainings in the Academy of business practices "Triumph"  is a sales training, training in customer service and maintenance, training in presentations and negotiations.
Training in negotiations - negotiating training - was the most popular customer request in 2012. 

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Тренинговый центр москва

Corporate training

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The training center "Triumph" holds only corporate training - training for employees of particular companies, because with the help of training we solve specifically posed objectives for them. Our training company actively cooperates with colleagues and institutions of higher education and conduct joint high-level projects by combining resources and capabilities.

The necessity ofcorporate training

The economic sphere of society is developing incredibly fast. Dataflow is increasing exponentially day by day. Acquired knowledge quickly becomes obsolete, and new information coming from different sources is too difficult to structure it, to identify key aspects,  to determine what will bring visible results in the work. That is why even highly skilled managers and chiefs need constant updating of knowledge. The training center in Moscow or in other large city is a source of new knowledge and assistance. The education in the form of training is one of the most effective, because participants receive not only knowledge but also practical skills.

In 2012 The Corporate Training Centre has successfully fulfilled a joint project with MGIMO of short-term programs of professional development in the field of "strategic HR management: international and Russian practice."
The geography of holding corporate trainings: all cities in Russia and CIS countries.
You can contact our training center in Moscow and get detailed information about the training.
The unique concept of our corporate training center ensures a long-lasting effect of learning and improving qualitative and quantitative indicators of the work of employees.